IKWF State Series Eligibility and Information

The State Series is right around the corner. Only those wrestlers and coaches listed on the ACTIVE club roster here: IKWF Club Rosters, are eligible for the 2023 IKWF State Series or any IKWF sanctioned event listed here: IKWF Event Listing. If a wrestler or coach is listed on the pending roster, they ARE NOT eligible for the State Series or any IKWF event.

For those coaches and wrestlers currently on the pending roster and any new coaches or wrestlers, they have until February 4, 2023 to complete the information in bylaw 19.3 State Series eligibility requirements for wrestlers and wrestling leaders (coaches):

19.3.1: The requirements below must be completed by 21 days prior to the start of IKWF regional competition.

19.3.2 Wrestlers Purchase a current year USAW Athlete Membership. Age verified by the IKWF office. Listed on an active IKWF club roster.

19.3.3 Wrestling Leaders (Coaches) Complete Safe Sport Training from USA Wrestling’s provider. Complete and receive an approved background screening from USA Wrestling’s provider. Purchase a current membership year USAW Wrestling Leader Membership. Complete National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) certification, any level. Listed on an active IKWF club roster.

IKWF Regional and Sectional information can be found by clicking on the “State Series” link in the navigation bar.

Regional tournament locations and team assignments are handled by each of the 8 sectional directors and will be posted on the “Regional Assignments” page when the office receives it. Regional team assignments are not received by the IKWF office until after the State Series eligibility deadline.

State Tournament Information can also be found in the navigation bar.

It is recommended you check these pages frequently for any updates or changes.