Coaches Information

2022 State Tournament Coaches Information

Only coaches with a floor pass and their displayed wrestling leader membership card are allowed access to the staging are and the competition floor.

Any wrestler or coach found loitering on the competition floor will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct against the team and one team point will be deducted from the team’s Novice and Senior team scores.

Absolutely no videotaping is allowed on the competition floor by coaches. Coaches taking photographs must be one of the two (2) coaches sitting in the coach’s chairs during the bout.

The head coach or their designee of each club with state qualifiers is responsible for picking up the club packet either Thursday evening or Friday morning during weigh-ins.

Clubs must email by 3 pm, Wednesday, March 9th to make the following designations:
1) Who is picking up the team packet (the head coach or their designee).
2) How many additional coach’s floor passes your club will purchase, if any.
3) Who, from your club, will be issued a coach’s floor pass.
Only the head coach or the designated representative can designate who can receive a coach’s floor pass to gain access to the competition floor.

Each coach designated to receive a coach’s floor pass must show state or federal government issued identification and their current USA Wrestling wrestling leader membership card to IKWF state tournament personnel. Identification must contain a photo of the coach (Example: Illinois Drivers License). Coaches are required to display their current USAW wrestling leader membership card, as described in the IKWF by-laws, at all times while they are in the staging area or on the competition floor (this includes Session IV and the championship bouts).

Coach’s Floor Passes
The number of floor passes each club receives is based upon the number of qualifiers your club has in the state tournament. Each club with qualifying wrestlers receives free passes based upon the number of qualifying wrestlers in the table below:

1 or 2 qualifiers2 free passes only
3 to 7 qualifiers2 free passes plus option to purchase 2 additional passes.
8 to 12 qualifiers3 free passes plus option to purchase 3 additional passes.
13 to 17 qualifiers4 free passes plus option to purchase 4 additional passes.
18 to 22 qualifiers5 free passes plus option to purchase 5 additional passes.
23 or more qualifiers6 free passes plus option to purchase 6 additional passes.

Clubs are allowed to purchase additional coach’s floor passes equal to the number of free passes they are issued (Example: Club has 4 state qualifiers, they are given 2 coach’s floor passes and have the option to purchase two (2) additional coach’s floor passes). Additional floor passes are $20 each.