Regional Information

2023 Regional Tournament Information

The information below is provided merely as a courtesy. Consult the IKWF by-laws to verify the accuracy of the information listed.

Dates:All regional tournaments must be wrestled and completed on February 25 or 26, 2023.
Team Eligibility:All teams must be chartered with the IKWF by the postmark deadline of February 1st of the current season. A team's primary practice site must reside within the borders of the State of Illinois.
Wrestler Eligibility:All wrestlers must hold a current USA Wrestling athlete membership, be an Illinois resident, a member of an active IKWF chartered club, and meet the age and weight class requirements as defined by the IKWF by-laws. A wrestler's membership application, age verification, and payment of membership fees must be submitted to the IKWF office by the postmark deadline of 21 days prior to the start of the regional competition. For the 2022-23 season, this deadline is February 4, 2023.
Note: Unattached wrestlers are not allowed to compete in the IKWF State Series.
Coach Eligibility:All coaches must hold a current USAW Wrestling Leader Membership, they must be NCEP (copper, bronze, silver, or gold) certified, they must be a member of an active IKWF chartered club, and they must display their Wrestling Leader membership card at the regional tournament as defined in the IKWF by-laws. Coaches must be listed on a club's active roster by February 4, 2023, to be eligible to coach in the IKWF State Series.
Entries:Only IKWF chartered club leaders may enter wrestlers in the regional competition.
Entry Fee:$25 per wrestler. Due at the conclusion of your seeding meeting.
Regional Tournament Locations:Member teams shall be notified as to which regional they are assigned to by its sectional director. Regional assignments can be found on the "Regional Assignments" page of this website.
Division Eligibility:A wrestler may enter only one division and one weight class for regional competition. Each member team may enter an unlimited number of wrestlers in any given division and weight.
Team Scoring:Tot & Bantam: None.
Intermediate, Novice, and Senior - as defined by the National Federation of State High School wrestling rules (see Rule 9 starting on page 44 of your NFHS rule book).
Scoring Wrestlers:In the Intermediate, Novice, and Senior divisions teams are limited to two (2) scoring wrestlers at each weight class. If more than two (2) wrestlers are entered at a given weight class, the scoring wrestlers must be declared at the seeding meeting.
Seeding Meeting:Time and location determined by the regional tournament host and the sectional director.
Brackets:Tot & Bantam: 4-man blocked weights.
Intermediate, Novice, and Senior: Double elimination bracket with wrestle backs to 3rd place. Bracket size dependent on the number of entries at each weight class. Allowable bracket types are 2-man, 4-man, 8-man, 16-man, 32-man double elimination.
No round robin brackets allowed.
Individual Awards:All Tot & Bantam receive a medal (1st through 4th place).

Intermediate, Novice, & Senior:

In sectionals with two (2) regional qualifying tournaments: Medals for top six (6) wrestlers.

In sectionals with three (3) regional qualifying tournaments: Medals for top (4) wrestlers.
Team Awards:In sectionals with two (2) regional qualifying tournaments: Team plaques for top three (3) teams.

In sectionals with three (3) regional qualifying tournaments: Team plaques for top two (2) teams.
Weigh-ins:All wrestlers, including those in the 275 lbs. weight class are required to weigh-in wearing a competition singlet or a legal two-piece uniform. Each wrestler must make scratch weight. No weight allowance will be given for the first day of competition. Wrestlers are given two (2) consecutive attempts to make weight. Upon entry to the weigh-in area, wrestlers may not attempt to lose weight and may not leave until their attempt(s) has(have) been made. Each participant shall be named to their respective weight class at the time they weigh-in for regional competition.
Day before Weigh-ins:All regional tournaments shall be required to have weigh-ins the day before the scheduled competition date. With this procedure, the seeding meeting will be held after the weigh-ins. The purpose of this procedure is to eliminate repairing the brackets when the seeding meeting is held before weigh-ins.

NOTE: A wrestler is considered a participant in the regional competition once he/she has both been entered at the seeding meeting and made the weight requirements. If a wrestler does not show up for any match, it is considered a forfeit.
Advancement to Sectionals:Tot & Bantam: None.
Intermediate, Novice, and Senior: In sectionals with two (2) regional qualifying tournaments - 6 wrestlers per weight class. In sectionals with three (3) regional qualifying tournaments - 4 wrestlers per weight class.