Kids Open

37th Annual Jon Davis Kids Open

Questions: Contact the IKWF office at (708) 206-0701 or email.
Membership: This is a USA Wrestling sanctioned event. Wrestlers must have a 2021-22 USA Wrestling athlete membership.
When: Weigh-ins: January 15, 2022 only.
Wrestling: January 16, 2022.
Where: Bank of Springfield Center, Springfield
Registration/Entry Fee: Pre-Registration: $20 - non-refundable. Pre-registration ends January 12, 2020, 11:59 pm.
Onsite: $40 - non-refundable.
No registration accepted at satellite weigh-in sites.
Preregister: Pre-registration is closed.
Awards: Open-Bantam: Top 4 receive a medal.
Girls; Open-Intermediate, Open-Novice, Open-Senior; All elite divisions: Top 5 receive a medal.
Weigh-Ins: Onsite: Saturday, January 15th only, 3 to 5 pm. Meeting Room B11-C.
Satellite: Saturday, January 15th only.
Satellite weigh-in sites will be listed on the front page of this website when they become known.

All wrestlers must weigh-in wearing a competition singlet.
All wrestlers must pass hair, fingernail, and skin condition checks prior to weigh-in (this occurs just prior to attempting to weigh-in).
All questionable skin conditions must be reported on the IHSA Skin Condition Form and brought to weigh-in.
Wrestling: January 16th only. Wrestling will begin at approximately 9 am. All wrestlers should be in the arena by 8:30 am.
Coaching: There is no coaching allowed at this event.
Spectator Admission: Adults (14 years old and up): $5
Children (6 to 13 years old): $3
Children under 6 years old are FREE.
Officials: All officials are registered with the United States Wrestling Officials Association (USWOA).
Rules: National Federation of State High School Association rules with IKWF modifications listed in the by-laws.
Policies: * Wrestlers CANNOT move up divisions.
* A wrestler can wrestle in only ONE division.
* Girls must wrestle in the Girls division unless they are a returning IKWF Novice or Senior division state qualifier or better.
* Elite division wrestlers will officially declare their weight class when they step on the scale to weigh-in for the tournament.
* Mandatory: Returning IKWF Novice and Senior division state qualifiers or better MUST wrestle in one of the elite divisions.
* No high school wrestlers allowed. This event is for wrestlers in 8th grade and lower.
Divisions: The age of every wrestler in the tournament is determined by their age on September 1st, 2019.
Open Divisions:
Girls: born 9/1/2006 through 12/31/2015
Open-Bantam: born 1/1/2013 through 12/31/2015
Open-Intermediate: born 1/1/2011 through 12/31/2013
Open-Novice: born 1/1/2009 through 12/31/2011
Open-Senior: born 9/1/2006 through 12/31/2009
Elite Divisions:
Intermediate: born 1/1/2011 through 12/31/2013
Novice: born 1/1/2009 through 12/31/2011
Senior: born 9/1/2006 through 12/31/2009
Elite Division Weight Classes: Intermediate: 50, 54, 59, 64, 70, 76, 83, 90, 98, 106, 115, 125, 134, 156, 177
Novice: 60, 64, 69, 74, 80, 86, 93, 100, 108, 116, 125, 134, 154, 178, 215
Senior: 70, 74, 79, 84, 90, 96, 103, 110, 118, 126, 135, 144, 154, 164, 176, 188, 215, 275
Bracketing: Open-Bantam: 4-man blocked weights.
Girls, Open-Intermediate; Open-Novice; Open-Senior: 8-man blocked weights.
Intermediate, Novice, and Senior Elite: Double elimination bracket with wrestle backs to 3rd place.
*All bracketing dependent on the number of entries.
*If there are not enough girls division entries, girls will be moved to any of the open divisions based upon their IKWF age.
*3-man, 4-man, 5-man, and 6-man round robin brackets may be used in place of the bracket types mentioned above.
Bout Times: Girls, Intermediate Elite, and Open Divisions: 1 min., 1 min., 1 min. (no rest between periods).
Novice and Senior Elite: 1.5 min., 1.5 min., 1.5 min. (no rest between periods).